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About Andres Taylor

WBF America's Cruiserweight Champion Andres C. Taylor was born February 27, 1979, in Passiac, New Jersey where he lived with his parents and six brothers and s. At the age of 10, Andres, along with his mother and siblings, moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He was introduced to boxing at the age of 13 during summer visits to New Jersey with his father who was a professional boxer.

At the age of 21, Andres entered his first amateur fight and won with a knockout. He was limited in his pursuit of becoming a professional boxer with no consistent trainer in the area. Full of determination, he continued to enter tournaments over the next four years without a coach in his corner. However, when his father moved to the area in 2005, Andres was able to begin to pursue his dream with his father as his trainer.

From 2005 to the present, Andres has fought at the amateur level nationally and internationally earning various titles and becoming nationally ranked along the way. Determined and self-motivated, with no financial funding, he invested his own resources to train, travel, and compete, all the while, striving for his ultimate goal-to be a professional boxer.

Andres is also a successful businessman; he formerly owned and managed two local businesses including a convenience store and a retail store. He currently owns and operates a construction business. Along with being a dedicated athlete and professional businessman, he takes great pride in his family, which includes his wife and their five Chldren.

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