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About Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt Slaughter, one of the most recognized figures in professional wrestling today, both in and out of the squared circle, began his professional wrestling career in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since his debut in 1975, the 6' 6" 320 pound former military drill instructor has held every major title in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

Sgt Slaughter is a 4-time world Heavy Weight Champion. His most recent title was captured when he won the World Wrestling Federation title. Not only does Sgt Slaughter still hold attendance records and area and PPV-Events throughout the world, but he's also been voted as one of the "Greatest Champions" in the history of professional wrestling. One of the most impressive features of Sgt Slaughter's wide spread recognition is his jutting square jaw. Sgt Slaughter epitomizes not only power and courage when he is in a wrestling arena, but his devotion to promoting and defending the ideas of patriotism is unparalleled.

Sgt Slaughter has been honored by being invited to the White House by President's Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and Carter. The ultimate distinction bestowed upon him was having the American Flag flown over our Nation's Capitol in recognition of his achievements. Perhaps the most important factor in Sgt Slaughter's success is his gentle and amiable demeanor with his fans, on camera and off. Sgt Slaughter's popularity is legendary, instilling a sense of pride in them and their country.

Hasbro identified the charismatic traits of Sgt Slaughter by creating a Sgt Slaughter doll, the first and only individual to be so recognized among all other G.I. Joe action figures and animated cartoon characters. In Sgt Slaughter's debut year with G.I. Joe, Hasbro not only enjoyed record-breaking sales in that year, but also became the most successful company in all toy manufacturing history.

Despite his wrestling schedule and hundreds of thousands of miles traveled annually Sgt Slaughter devotes much of his spare time helping to raise funds for organizations, such as the St. Jude Research Hospital, just to name one of the many charitable causes, for which he has been given many proclamations. He was named Chairman of the Anti-Drug Campaign and was selected as the Citizen of the Year in his home state of Connecticut.

Sgt Slaughter's most cherished accomplishment was the granting of a visit from Mother Theresa. Sgt Slaughter has expended endless hours raising funds to keep that facility open. Leaving the wrestling wars to step into the corporate battlefields as a spokesperson for the multitudes of organizations is a goal of Sgt Slaughters. His ultimate dream is to have his televised program to allow him to continue to be a positive role model for the youth of America, the future of the United States.