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About Outlaw Ron Bass

For many years, the frightening sound of a bullwhip's snap meant one thing in WWE: "Outlaw" Ron Bass was in the building. With the trusty Miss Betsy at his side, the rugged Texan used an aggressive old-school offense to intimidate and punish his unlucky opponents.

During his tenure with WWE in the late '80s, the battle-tested brawler participated in several historic matches which helped revolutionize the industry. In addition to being involved in the first-ever Survivor Series and Royal Rumble contests, Bass was involved in a Saturday Night's Main Event classic when he battled Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake in a Hair vs. Hair match. At the time, sports-entertainment was yet to reach its greatest heights, but "Outlaw" told that you could feel something special was about to happen.

"I came from the time of regional territories and small-time promotions," said Bass. "I had heard of so many of these Superstars before, but I had never shared a ring with them before. I looked around and saw all these huge stars working for one company. It was just a magical feeling. That was the start of the WWE's rise."

After years and years on the road, which included a stretch of 104 straight days away from his home, the constant nagging injuries left the veteran with no choice but to hang up the bullwhip and face life after wrestling. For Bass, retirement meant returning to his home in Tampa, Fla., where he found religion, golf, and a place to put his bachelor's of science degree from Arkansas State University to work.