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About Shockwave The Robot

Shockwave The Robot™, "The World's Only Breakdancing Wrestling Robot", is quickly becoming one of the most popular and recognizable pro wrestler/entertainers in the world today. Shockwave The Robot™ sets himself beyond anything that you have seen inside the squared circle.

Complete with his spectacular ring entrance, lazer lights and Co2 Confetti blaster, his original wrestling style/persona includes a stupid fresh flyboy breakdancing exit complete with audience participation. "Can you break it down?"

Shockwave The Robot™ captivates audience members from every demographic and has become so popular that he continues to out-sell former WWE superstars in the ring for in ring photo opportunities. The Honkytonk Man & Greg The Hammer Valentine, Tito Santana, Bushwhacker Luke Williams, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Doink The Clown, Spike Dudley, Joey Mercury, and even The Legacy's Manu have all gone home with less merchandise sales because of the wrestling robot.

Journey of Shockwave to The Center of The Ring....

On May 12th 2007, Shock detered US Air jets with his stealth mode sheild and landed his spacecraft down in Los Angeles California for a try out in the LA Dojo. It was there that Shock impressed the former Original ECW Champion Masato Tanaka and the president of Zero1 Max Nakamura. The next day, Shock was teamed up with a talented wrestler from the mid west named Sigmon.

Their opponents were none other than the always disgruntled and angry Josh Daniels from NJ and Masato Tanaka. The match was a memorable one to say the least. Towards the end of the battle, Shock and Tanaka battled on the outside and Josh Daniels ended up pinning Sigmon with a full-neslon suplex. Always a good sportsman Tanaka at the end of the match extended his hand to Shock and was litterally brought to his knees, with the crushing like grip from the robotic wrestling wonder.

Three weeks later, Shock was the only wrestler chosen out of the 23 participants to be flown out to Japan.

JAPANESE WRESTLING TOURS - On his first month long tour for Zero 1 in July 2007 , Shockwave's arrival was all over several newspapers, magazines, and he was also featured in an exclusive interview with Steve Corino prior to his debut match at Korekan hall. (The interview and match are featured on Shockwave The Robot™'s DVD: Japan, Canada and USA.)

Shockwave was brought back for his second tour in Feb '08, once again finding his name and face plastered all over several newspapers and wrestling magazines. The tour culminated with Shockwave finally facing his arch nemesis, the legendary Mecha Mummy; a robotic/mummified warrior brought to today's age of combat via modern technology. The match was a crueling battle and critics are still calling it the "most scientific wrestling match of all time". (This match is available for view on YouTube.)

In April-May 2010, Shock was brought back to Japan again to wrestle for the Hustle and Zero One promotions. At Hustle; Shock competed under the name "Robot-Man" and wrestled the Legendary Great Sasuke. Shock also competed in the Zero One promotion on this tour. Shockwave The Robot™ was once again was featured on Samuri tv and in Japanese wrestling magazines.

COMIC BOOKS - The year 2008 also marked the beginning of many out-of-ring appearances for the dancing robot. The debut of his comic book- Shockwave The Robot™: Journey to the center of the ring written by Kenny Casanova and Illustrated by Sweet Pete Sefcik, explains to the world the origin of the robot. Shockwave the Robot has been to various comic book conventions promoting his book! In September of 2010, Issue #1 "Battle Royal" and Issue #2 "Shockwave The Robot vs Mecha Mummy", (illustrated once again by Peter Sefcik), debuted and are currently available.

Personal Appearances - Shock has made various promotional character appearances including: the FYE (For Your Entertainment) store in the deepest darkest depths of Holyoke, MA and Rent-A-Center in Massena New York, Opening Day for Little League Baseball in Sewell New Jersey to name a few.

CANADIAN WRESTLING TOURS - After his second tour of Japan, Shock traveled back to the states for repairs and then toured with Main Stream Wrestling, a promotion based out of the Canadian Maritimes from mid April into May. The grueling schedule consisted of 12 shows in 18 days. Shock wrestled 14 matches by the end of the tour. The tour reached as far as Labrador City and Happy Valley Goosebay which are located in the Northern Tundra of Canada. In July '08, Shock was brought in for Ultimate Championship Wrestling for a 5 day tour. In August of '09 Shock headlined Ron Hutchison's Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Ontario Canada. In June 2010 Shockwave was brought back in to headline another Ultimate Championship Wrestling 7 day tour with Raven, Charlie Haas, Bushwhacker Luke Williams and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

DANCE APPEARANCES - In 2008 Shock also displayed his funky fresh robotic moves in the Albany NY area (Live at five, Art on Lark, Lark Street Festival, The Pearl, Envy Lounge) and in NYC (Club Azza, Times Square). Through out the summer, Shock was featured as a breakdancer with the multi-cultural dance group Cirque de la Nocturne. Shock danced his way into the 2009 with Cirque de la Nocturne at Highline Ballroom in NYC. Dance appearances in NYC at Penny's Open Mic, Wasabassco Burlesque, and The Slipper room.

PWI #500 - In 2009 Shockwave The Robot™ was #500 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top fivehundred wrestlers. Current WWE star Dolph Zigler and former WWE stars such as Duke The Dumpster Droese and Zeus have all been #500. This is a sure sign of things to come...

Shockwave The Robot™: Breakdance, Bodyslam and Beyond - is a feature length film that is loosely based on his origin edition comic book. The movie features Shock as himself, the infamous promoter Mike Sparta, "Hot Bod" Todd Taylor, Martial Arts Guru Dave Tanner and professional bodybuilder Rick Cancelino. It was set for dvd release for Summer 2010 but is still in post production. It will be available on this website soon.

In conclusion, Shockwave The Robot™, many say, is by far, he most original performer out there today. Look for his name on your next upcoming Indy wrestling show. If you get a chance, and if you are lucky, one day you may dance in celebration with "The World's Only Breakdancing and Wrestling Robot!"