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Billing and FAQ

Customer Quick Reference FAQ and Billing:

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Where can I find my Customer Pin code and Access Key?
Upon registration your customer pin code and access key will be sent to you by e-mail. However you can easily find this information from your

Is there a connection fee to contact an operator?
No. There are no connection fees or long distance phone charges.  Your phone will never be billed.  Even if you connect from outside of the US, you will never be charged a connection fee or long distance charges.  When you are connected your MPS balance will be deducted per minute according to the operators per minute rate. There are no connection fees, or minimum minutes. This means you can connect to an operator for 1 minute and your MPS balance will only be deducted for 1 minute.

How do I connect to an Operator?
We have 2 ways to connect with an operator:

1. After you are logged in as a customer click on the operators green "Click here to Call Me!" button. Then enter your phone number and click call. Our automated system will first call you, then place you on hold while the operator is connected to you. Your MPS account is not deducted during this time. Only when both parties are connected is your MPS account deducted.

2. After registration you will receive a customer pin code and access key, be sure to write these numbers down. You can then call our toll free number directly at 1 (877) 814-6794. After entering your pin code and access key you will have access to your customer account. Then just enter the extension number of the operator you want to speak to and you will be connected. You can find your customer pin code and access key in your

Can I use this service if I am not in the USA?
Yes. You can connect from anywhere in the world and there are no connection fees regardless of where you are. Just select your country from the drop-down list, then enter your phone number. Please see the example below:

For example if you are in the UK you will need to select United Kingdom from the country drop-down list, then enter your phone number and click call.  Please be sure to enter your phone number without the 0 before the number.  For example 7906755555.

What name will appear on my credit card?
Charges will appear as MFT Services. This is what will appear on your credit card receipt. Please make a note of this so you do not forget.

Is this private?
Yes. All calls are completely private and secure. There are no recordings and no one listens in. Operators cannot see your phone number and they never have access to your details. With MPS you are completely anonymous.

Will I receive any e-mail or physical mail?
No we do not sell your information nor we will ever send you email or physical mail.

Will operators be able to see my phone number?
No operators will not be able to see your phone number even if they have caller id.

Will I have to provide credit card details to the operators?
No. The operators will not have access to your credit card nor will any staff of MPS. Your credit card is only billed when you deposit money into your customer account. Your credit card will never be charged without direct action from you (meaning you log in and use your credit card to deposit money into your account).

You will never be required to provide your credit card details to anyone.

How can I send a message to an operator?
You must be registered as a customer in order to send a message to an operator.

Each operators web page will have a link, "Send a message". Simply click on this link and type your message. It will be sent directly to the operator.

To read any replies sent by operators you will need to log into your account and click on your inbox. We have provided an easy way to send and receive messages and everything can be accomplished from your MPS Customer control panel.

How can I add an operator to my "favorites" list?
As an MPS Customer, you can easily save operator accounts into your MPS Customer favorites list.

Your favorites list will appear in your control panel. It will show the operators avatar, available status, a quick call connect option, and a link to send the operator a message.

To save operator accounts into your MPS Customer favorites list, visit an operator's web page and look for the text, "Add to Favorites". This will add the operators account to your list of favorites and will provide you with a quick and easy method to view favorite operator, send message, and connect.

Can I rate an operator?
Yes, but only after you have connected to the operator. After each connected call you will be able to log into your customer account and click on "Call History". From this section you can easily click on "Give Feedback" and leave feedback and a rating (1 to 10).

If I am not connected, do I still get charged?
No. Billing begins only after you have connected to the operator you are trying to reach. You can only connect to an operator when her status icon shows as "Click to Call Me!", so hopefully you will always be able to connect.

However if the operator does not connect you will not be billed.

How am I billed when connected to an operator?
Before you can connect with an operator you will have to be logged into your customer account. You can then deposit money into your account.  This money will act as "call credits" that you can use toward any call.  When you are connected to an operator your account will be deducted every minute at the operators per minute rate. For example if you are connected for 3 minutes to an operator with a $2.00 per minute rate, your account will be deducted $6.00.  Your MPS account is only deducted for the time that you speak with the operator.  If you talk for 1 minute, then your account is only deducted one minute. You can connect with as many operators as you want.

The operators will not have access to your credit card nor will any staff of MPS. Your credit card is only billed when you deposit money into your customer account.

Can I deposit money with a pre-paid credit card?
Yes. However if you are using a pre-paid credit card, please do not deposit the full amount of the card. MPS performs a pre-authorization of 0.10 to verify that the card is valid. This is not a charge, but it will temporarily freeze 0.10 on your card.

Can I deposit money into my account without a credit card?
Yes. You can send money by way of check, money order, money gram, or western union. From your customer control panel you will see the link "Payment Transactions". From this link you can deposit money into your account through various online and offline means.

How is my personal information protected?
All sections within your customer control panel are encrypted and secure through our 256 bit SSL encryption provided and authorized by Starfield Secure Certification Authority.

MPS is fully PCI Compliant.

No one, including the staff at MPS, will have access to your credit card details. We understand the importance of security and privacy and we ensure your information is safe with us.

What can I talk about with the operator?
Each operator will have a list of "discussion topics". From that list you can get an idea of what the operator is open to discuss.

We developed MPS to be very flexible, allowing for a wide range of services.

Operators listed on our network range from complete amateurs to professionals - because we allow anyone to register and create a pay per minute website, our network consists of REAL people.

How can I contact billing / support?
You can contact support at anytime by visiting our  You can also call us directly at 1 (888) 308-2904 or e-mail us at