5 Ways To Be Less Stressed & Completely Relaxed


What was the last time that you could have a moment for yourself, for the sole purpose of relaxing?

In recent years, we spend more and more time in the office, we are constantly connected, and as a day is only twenty-four hours, we quickly give up our time of relaxation to be able to have the time of everything to do during our busy days.

Stress has been steadily increasing over the past decade, and according to some statistics , nearly 80% of employees would be affected by stress.

Of course, we can sometimes avoid stressful situations, but alas, it is still often impossible.

Stress destroys us from the inside and can quickly make our lives very difficult if we do not learn to control it and limit it to everyday life. It is therefore important to take time for yourself each day and relax to combat stress, calm your nerves and feel better.

The most important thing is to have a moment to relax, a little like a meeting with yourself, and give it priority.

Do not put it off until the next day: it’s time for you to start taking care of yourself!

So take a little time for yourself tonight, and have a real moment of relaxation.


Any moment may be suitable for your relaxation. In general, it is recommended to have a relaxing time in the evening, or when the sun goes down and the city gradually becomes a little quieter.

There is also a soothing feeling that comes from the absence of daylight and that will help you relax while your body triggers all the relaxing mechanisms that will prepare you to go to bed a few hours later.

On the other hand, if you can not spare time for yourself in the evening, you can also take your little time in the day.

Just remember to lower your blinds or draw your curtains. The color of the curtains that cover the windows should not be too aggressive, like red or orange.

Choose a soothing color such as cream beige or a pastel color. This will plunge the room into a soft color and relax you.

For starters, put on some relaxing music to immerse yourself in the mood. Internet or YouTube contain many meditation music that you can listen to for free.

Choose one that reflects your mood and suits you best.


You sit comfortably on the couch and rest is a good start.

But to really relax and let go of all that stress, you have to do something before enjoying your haven.

Start by taking a good hot bath, embellishing for example bubble bath or a few drops of essential oils.

You must follow only one rule: do not think of anything . Concentrate on the feeling of warmth that the skin brings to your skin.

This will not only help you relax your muscles but also clear your mind.

Try to stay in the hot water for as long as possible, as warm water can stimulate your blood circulation, which will oxygenate your muscles more effectively and help you relax better.

In case you do not have a bath or prefer a shower, close your eyes and focus on your feelings.

Try to visualize that your worries, anxieties, and stress are being cleaned up and are leaving you with the water flowing down your body.


After a relaxing bath, some have the energy to do the things they love while others, relaxed, want to relax even more.

Many end up falling asleep outright, thus applying the natural regeneration mechanism of the body.

This is perfectly normal, but today we are going to talk about even higher levels of relaxation.

To achieve this, the next step is a massage.

If you can, ask your lover, your sister or a loved one to massage you (you can massage one after another or, even better, if you have the possibility and the budget, give yourself a chair massage!

Just press a button and set the speed and intensity for a relaxing massage.


Paint pencil-of-color-creativity

The next activity may be your favorite activity and a hobby set aside most of the time.

We all have an activity that we do daily, but that we have abandoned (voluntarily or involuntarily) for lack of time.

Whether calligraphy, take care of his Zen garden or play an instrument, there is only one rule: do it!

The goal of course is not to create sublime works of art, just to do an activity that makes you happy.

If you have no hobby, try painting or doing anti-stress coloring. It’s easy, it requires very little material and you have no constraints to respect.

You do what makes you happy and often, being creative makes you feel better. Painting has a relaxing effect. Some studies even show that people’s state of mind can be more positive if we practice our hobbies every day.

So that’s a long-term goal, but you have to start somewhere, right?


An ideal relaxation will not be complete without a good meal. Depending on the type of food you prefer and you like to cook, start and prepare a gourmet meal that really makes you happy and will not be too heavy.

grilled chicken brest fillet

The goal is to enjoy foods that you like, and that will be good for your body, so bet on a balanced meal, greedy and tasty.


After a good meal, you can spend the rest of the evening as you wish.

Personally, I love that my man gives me a new small back massage while watching a series.

In general, avoid eating in front of the TV because you would not enjoy your meal as much.

Reading a good book is also very nice, whether it is a novelty or a classic, it will allow you to relax in peace.

After your reading, you can go to sleep, satisfied and happy: after all, you will have done something great for yourself!


The idea is not necessarily to always take a bath, eat a good home meal or do a creative activity but especially to give yourself time to do something you do not do every day.

After an evening like this, you will see the world in a much more positive way, while nothing will have changed: you will simply have thrown away your stress and your anxieties from your mind, and this enthusiasm is very contagious.

The next thing you will want to do will surely be to prepare a party like this for someone you love, knowing how good it can be.

Try to  take one day a week to do nothing  and take time for yourself and you will find that you will have a much better control of your stress!