From a billiard ball to a powerful sedative, through an adjustable wrench or candlestick, a professional killer will explain that any object can be deadly, as long as it is used with discernment. A tip that the saga Hitman applies with rigor since its creation in the year 2000. After a very successful reboot in 2016, Hitman 2 arrives this week on consoles and PC. We find there, the smile on his lips, the agent 47. Great laced bald with impassible face, the man is best known as one of the best assassins on the planet. And from the United States to India, after a detour through New Zealand, Colombia and the fictitious island of Sgail, he will be keen to demonstrate his sense of perfect crime when it comes to to discreetly disappear his targets.

An infiltration simulation par excellence, Hitman 2 offers a vast playground for those who want to be imaginative and slip into the shoes of a real hit man. Whether he is sent to a small bourgeois district without history or in the tumult of a Grand Prix automobile, 47 knows how to improvise. And precisely, it is this part of freedom that hits the mark. The player never feels embarrassed to be inventive, while enjoying a large space to express themselves on the six giant levels proposed. With an excellent level of replayability to test different scenarios, Hitman 2 is listed as one of the best games of the moment.


How to renew a successful formula twenty years old, while making sure not to disappoint the fans of the first hour? Cruel dilemma that has arisen at Game Freak studio, creator of the Pokémon saga , to bounce on the phenomenon Pokémon Go and its 800 million downloads. The answer is in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Evoli !, two versions of the same game that intends to bring generations together on Switch. We find the little monsters in an adventure gameplay simplified compared to previous games.

The story aims to connect the old players who become parents with their children, while converting the new followers of the franchise attracted by Pokémon Go A number of balancing that Junichi Masuda, director of the game and general manager of Game Freak, managed to raise around a gameplay close to that developed on smartphones. And to titillate the nostalgic fiber of the old, the adventure takes again the frame of Pokémon Yellow, published in 1999 on Gameboy. Above all, Pokémon Let’s Go allows you to catch creatures in pairs, to entertain the younger ones, but also to play with your family. “A lot of people are going to play in their living room and we thought about this cooperative gameplay that will be used for the first time in the saga,” says Junichi Masuda. Particularly successful in its unifying concept, this new Pokémon will certainly disinterested fans of the first hour in search of strategic battles. However, Pokémon Let’s Go perfectly fulfills its unifying goal and remains a tasty title that is enjoyed with pleasure, if only to see a new generation get attached to it. Note, these games are compatible with an optional controller, the Pokéball Plus, to complete the panoply of the perfect trainer.