A young prince fallen from his throne, a divided kingdom, a peace to be restored. It’s on a classic basis, like all great tales, that begins Ni no Kuni II, a new majestic adventure game released tomorrow. The charm operates from the first minutes of the story of the quest of King Evan and his friends. Here we find all the graphic appeal inspired by Ghibli productions since animators of the famous studio have performed on this work, rocked by the masterly orchestration of the composer emeritus Joe Hisaishi. In many ways, Ni no Kuni II has great qualities. He succeeds in projecting us into a magical universe that will leave a trace in the hearts of young players, as did Secret of Mana (1993) in his day. Neither Kuni II carries with it the hope of seducing a new generation which, in turn, will take an admiring look at Japanese role-playing games.

“Our intention was to create a real relationship between a human being and a mouse, between a player and the heroine of our game, Quill.” With these words that Chris Alderson, artistic director of Polyarc studio, defined a few months ago Moss, his new video game, now available on PS4 and PC. A bold bet that only virtual reality could raise, in order to erase any notion of distance between the player and the screen, and make it penetrate in the most immersive way possible in the small world of Moss.

It will take a PlayStation VR headset, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift , to get to know Quill. Going for a walk in the forest, this intriguing mouse will discover a crystal with strange powers, which will change his life. From a forest populated by magical creatures to legendary castles and labyrinthine dungeons, to worrying swamps, you’ll have to help this little ball of hair solve puzzles and fight with sword in hand to restore peace. There are few games where the charm operates from the first seconds, and Moss is one of them. Polyarc develops a miniature fantasy tale, as well as an endearing heroine, carried by an impressive visual poetry, that the virtual reality allows to admire from all angles. The PSVR offers one of his best experiences. Tribute to The Endless Story, The Dark Crystal or Brisby and the secret of Nimh, Moss is appreciated as a children’s story, where the ambient melancholy is never sad and gives way to the marvelous.


From Allan Quatermain to Indiana Jones, adventurers in search of legendary treasure have always fascinated the general public. And it is in their footsteps that Lara Croft entered popular culture in 1996. The beautiful British heiress operates a remarkable return on consoles and PC, with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. An episode that comes mainly to close a trilogy thought like a reboot of the series, after Tomb Raider (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015). The studio Eidos Montreal puts Lara on the trail of the Incas, in a bitter adventure, both for its survival but also to unravel all the mysteries of this fascinating civilization.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider welcomes players in the Amazon, in a jungle as dense as dangerous. A hostile environment whose modeling was particularly neat. Offering lush vegetation on the screen, teeming with animals and deadly traps. And it is in this moist and worrying atmosphere that Lara Croft will struggle against an army of mercenaries, determined to get their hands on the legendary treasures of the Incas. A people who, according to legend, would have pierced the dark secrets leading humanity to the apocalypse. On a relatively classic scenario but pleasant in its development, the developers also brought a few moments of breathing welcome, including revelations about the tragic childhood of Lara Croft. Action scenes and tricks in the middle of ancestral tombs, become the trademark of the series, are added multiple meetings in the heart of unexpected villages. Although it can be blamed for offering few innovations compared to the previous parts, this conclusion, carried by an explosive and successful realization, affirms the place of this heroine as an imperishable icon. An amazon finally free.